Yellow Cottage is the only brick dwelling of the 1870's in El Dorado to survive into the 2000's. This was the home of Henry Hazelbrook, who was listed in 1871 rate book of the North Ovens Shire, as -digger-brick cottage. At one time a tennis court was part of the property and this was where the youth of the town were taught the game during the 1900's.

Around the time Henry lived here, many of the homes were slab or bark huts. There were also more substantial weatherboard cottages. Some business houses were brick, but these have long been dismantled and the bricks used in other buildings.

When the cottage on three acres as was first purchased in 1982 it had been operating as a small farm. It featured an almond orchard, fruit trees, vegetable garden, a house cow, sheep, chooks and beehives. The property has a well, which is still considered one of the best in the town, providing pure clean water even through the worst droughts. The water was drawn up by a magnificent windmill, which still stands beside the cottage to this day.

The owners of the Yellow Cottage have replanted almond, fruit and olive trees. They work the bees and graze sheep in the small paddocks. The rusty corrugated farm sheds and wood heap creat a timeless spirit.